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Looking for something unique for your next event? Whether it’s a Wedding, Party or Corporate function, Surrey FaceBooth has you covered!
We are the home of photobooth hire in Hampshire. Our range of fantastic state of the art Hampshire based photo booths are perfect for all and every event! Need a wedding photobooth in Hampshire? Perhaps a party photobooth in Hampshire? Corporate photobooth in Hampshire? Not a problem! Look no further and get in touch today to find the perfect photobooth for your Hampshire event. 

Need a wedding photobooth in Hampshire? Perhaps a party photobooth in Hampshire? Corporate photo booth in Hampshire? Not a problem! Look no further and get in touch today to find the perfect photobooth for your Hampshire event.

All of our photo booths are fitted with state of the art equipment. DSLR cameras and Mitsubishi Dye Sub printers for excellent HD image quality.


We now offer a Magic Mirror as an option for your big event. A new twist on the selfie mirror concept, the fully animated mirror not only takes your photos and prints but also has a fun randomised response direct from the ‘talking mirror’ After each shot the mirror responds with a fun response both verbally and on screen.

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We are the home of magic mirror hire in Hampshire. Our range of fantastic state of the art Hampshire based magic mirrors are perfect for all and every event! Need a wedding magic mirror in Hampshire? Perhaps a party magic mirror in Hampshire? Corporate magic mirror in Hampshire? Not a problem! Look no further and get in touch today to find the perfect magic mirror for your Hampshire event. We provide magic mirror hire throughout Hampshire.


Hire a Photo Booth or Magic Mirror from Surrey FaceBooth When you hire a photo booth or magic mirror from Surrey FaceBooth all of your pictures can be viewed online and shared via popular social network sites such as Facebook and Instagram. In addition, all packages include a selection of fun fancy dress props and the option of a guest book and others!

Surrey Based but also covering Kent, East Sussex, West Sussex, Hampshire, Berkshire, Hampshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire

Hire a wedding photo booth in Hampshire

With our photo booth hire in Hampshire, you can add a fun and exciting element to your wedding celebration. Surrey FaceBooth will take care of everything you need to entertain your guests on your D-day. We have a wide range of attractive booths and other fun extras. You can discuss with us your wedding theme so we can help you hire the perfect photo booth.

Party photo booth for hire at affordable rates

It doesn’t matter what you are celebrating, whether a birthday anniversary or engagement, we are here to add a little oomph to your celebrations with our photo booths. This can be a popular addition to your party and ensure all the guests are thoroughly entertained. The photo booth will be the ideal place for clicking amazing photos for Instagram.

Add an element of fun into your corporate event

If you want to host an entertaining corporate event, our photo booth does the trick. Be it an office Christmas party or even a trade show, our photo booth is the perfect entertainment addition to your corporate event.


Do you have general queries regarding hiring our photo booth in Hampshire? There’s nothing to worry about. Read the following answers to the most frequently asked questions. However, if these questions don’t answer your queries, you can straight away contact us.

Are you offering magic mirror booths? Are they different from conventional photo booths?

At Surrey FaceBooth, we do offer magic mirror booths. These booths offer an immersive experience due to their animated responses and HD photo quality. Unlike conventional booths, the magic mirror engages the users in a playful banter. Hence, it is a highly entertaining and unique addition to any personal or corporate event.

What equipment do you use for your photo booth?

We offer photo booth hire in Hampshire equipped with cutting-edge Mitsubishi Dye sub printers and DSLR cameras. This makes sure that the image quality is in HDR. Also, we give importance to state-of-the-art technology to capture vibrant and crisp photos of your most memorable moments.

Can the photos be shared online?

Yes, you can view all the photos and share them online.

Will you provide props when I hire the photo booth?

We do have a photo booth hire package that allows you to choose from a wide range of props to add that extra element of oomph to your events. Your guests can get as creative as they want and have fun with the props. This is going to elevate your overall photo booth experience.

Before you decide on the package, make sure to ask us of the different props that are available.

Is it possible to customise the photo booth experience for my event?

Yes, we understand that each event is unique. So, when you choose our photo booth hire in Hampshire, you can rest easy knowing you can personalise the photo booth experience. You can choose from different options like magic mirror animations, print layouts, or backgrounds.

Are your photo booth services available for corporate, parties and wedding functions?

Yes, they are. Surrey FaceBooth caters to a wide range of events, including corporate functions, parties and weddings. Whether you are planning a corporate event anywhere in Hampshire or gearing up for your wedding day, count on us to make your day special with our versatile and customisable photo booth services.

What is the process to check the pricing and availability for my event date?

It is very easy to check the pricing and availability. All you need to do is complete filling your details on your website. Then, our system will provide you with all the information you need. In case your data isn’t available, you can contact us. We might be able to assist you.

Are your services available outside of Hampshire?

Surrey FaceBooth is situated out of Surrey, but we do offer our services beyond Hampshire and cover areas like Hampshire, Kent, Oxfordshire, West Sussex, East Sussex, and so on. It is our aim to make photo booth services available and accessible to a wide geographical area.

Do I need to book your services in advance?

Booking our photo booth services in advance is advisable, especially if you are hiring our photo booth for a seasonal event. To avoid disappointment, give us a minimum of 6 months notice.

Can I book your photo booth services without confirming a venue?

Yes, you can. But it is always better to hire photo booth services once you have confirmed the venue. This will ensure you have all the items you need to make your photo booth hire in Hampshire a huge success.

Will you provide me with colour prints?

Whilst you are booking our photo booth services, you can discuss with us your specific requirements. Whether you need the prints in colour or black and white, we can make that happen for you.

How many people can get in the booth?

This depends on the type of booth you have booked. It can be anywhere from eight to fifteen people. If you wish to fit in less or more people, we are here to assist.

Are there differently shaped photo booths available?

Yes, we have differently shaped photo booths available for your event. You can choose oval or square shaped booths. The shape determines the number of people you can fit in the booth simultaneously.

How does the photo booth work?

It is very simple to make the photo booth work. Press to start or touch the screen, smile and then wait. You can instantly collect your photos and share them with loved ones or put them up at your work desk. 

Instantly check availability and pricing by completing your details.

If your date is unavailable, please contact us as we may still be able to assist.